University of Tennessee Reconnect System

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One of the biggest challenges the campus will face in a major emergency is helping the campus community and the university extended family get information about the safety of students, faculty and staff and ultimately help them reconnect following a disaster.

You play the biggest role in making this possible. Following an emergency it is critical that students, faculty and staff reach out to concerned love ones and let them know they are safe. The campus has procedures in place to help, but the reality of campus life makes perfect accountability impossible.

Often normal communications are disrupted in an emergency. The university has provided this site for reporting who is known to be safe. Following a major emergency, whether you are safe, or not even in the area, you should do the following:

  1. Register on the emergency Reconnect site
  2. Attempt to contact your immediate family. It is good practice to designate a common point of contact that your family & friends know to call.
  3. Provide information to university officials for rosters upon request.
  4. If unable to register online, call the nearest Campus Emergency Information Line to be added to the database.

If you are unable to sign in, please contact your local Help Desk.

If you are not part of the UT system, please register with Red Cross Safe and Well.

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